Reach MILLIONS of sports fans across the country
Decal Advertising
TV Appearances
Personal Interaction
Online / Direct Marketing FOOTBALL PROMO TOUR is a
Moving Billboard!
Studies conducted by the American Trucking Association
reveal that our 25,000 mile tour across America will develop
more than 10.9 million impressions while driving and parked
at sports events.

The same studies also show that
75% of the subjects
develop an impression about a company from the sides of
the vehicle, and
29% actually base a buying decisions based
on those impressions.
Also, the RY&P, which is the largest U.S. advertising agency
for the leisure and travel industry, determined that:
people remember
83% of what they see verses only 11% of
what they hear.
96% of respondents notice the words and pictures displayed
on trucks.
98% of respondents say that fleet graphics create a positive
image for the company.
96% of respondents say that fleet graphics have more
impact than billboards.

The PROMO RV is a visually stimulating and
captivating vehicle.  Wrapped in attractive colors, our logo
and sponsor messages, we will be sure to garner plenty of
attention during our year long journey and create critical
exposure for our sponsors.
Grass-Roots Marketing!
Team members will be personally interacting with people
across America during the tour via promotional displays
and product demos in front of the RV, tailgating events,
parties at local sports bars and other venues, and at the
events themselves.  

We will be meeting hundreds of thousands of people
throughout the tour, giving each one of them a look at the
Ultimate Sports Adventure. We will be demonstrating and
giving away products, taking names for mailing lists,
holding raffles and constantly spreading your message.
Our personal interaction with people will have great appeal
and a lasting marketing impression on everyone.  We are
all about having fun, and the people we come in contact
with will want to be a part of that fun.  As a sponsor, you will
be an integral part of our grass roots message!
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